By operating a full-time art gallery, curating group art shows, creating large-scale outdoor murals, hosting community events and fundraisers, and providing professional artist representation, I advocated for local artist entrepreneurs and urban street art.

I was the Assistant Director of Artfusion Gallery. Artfusion showcased over 5000 pieces of artwork from over 500 artists and contributed to over 100 events over a five year period.

Artfusion worked with various organizations to see positive relationships between mural artists and the general public and provided connections for creative projects in Canada.

Services Provided: Business Development & Financial Planning, Engagement, Event Planning, Marketing Campaigns, Market Research, Print Design, Public Relations, Strategic Planning, Website Design & Development

Art Attack

I helped to lead a team of 10 street artists in creating an award-winning experiential marketing campaign to communicate that downtown London is open for business.

Artfusion worked with Lashbrook PR and Downtown London to paint the message, “Experience Downtown London” over 3 downtown street blocks overnight. The campaign received over 700,000 earned media impressions, received 1,200 YouTube video views in the first hour, and increased visitors to downtown.

This campaign won several awards including an IABC London Virtuoso “Best of the Best” Award for Communications Skills and an IABC London Virtuoso “Best of the Best” Award for Communication Creative.

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I have had the good fortune to be a part of several events for which Katie has been a key part of the organization, promotion, and presentation. Katie’s enthusiasm is matched by her thoroughness, and I am always impressed by her ability to keep a schedule moving regularly while maintaining and managing a complex inventory of performers and presenters, as well as large numbers of display items and the related itinerary and labeling. These skills are rounded off by Katie’s ability to make and present promotional materials of all sorts for the event beforehand, and to connect with multiple parts of the community to develop support and integration for projects as they develop and grow.
— Charles Vincent, Artist, Production Technician, Teacher